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Yesterday, me and my mom decided to visit my favorite spa here in the city. Actually, I haven’t tried other Spa Salon here in the city but Spa Riviera.

Spa Riviera
It’s been almost a month since I went home due to busy schedule at work and I thought I needed time to pamper myself once in a while, specially that I was stressed for these past few weeks.

Anyway, we decided to avail their body scrub, body massage and the “mandi susu” (milk facial) service.

I felt so relaxed while having a steam bath as it really made my aching muscles at ease as well as felt the dead cells and impurities of my skin “peel” off.

It was my first time to have a body scrub, so I was anxious on what will happen, but felt good after the scrub, especially when I washed away the salts(?) and sort of seeds they used during the whole body (as in whole body) scrubbing process, where my skin felt so baby-soft and smooth.

After that, I had a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu whole body massage where it totally released the tension in my muscles as well as relaxed my mind in the process. After which, I had the Mandi Susu or the Milk Facial, where, shamefully, I fell asleep and snoring (*blushing) during the facial. My mom even told me that the attendant has been waiting for me to wake up for almost 15 mins…lol

Anyway, going to spa and pampering my sefl is really an effective way to release stress and help me renew my life’s perspectives…

I’m looking forward to another relaxing ex-spa-rience soon…

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  • i don’t like people who are snoring a lot, they can really ruin a good sleep~”‘

  • i snore so much that i can wake up the whole neighborhood by just snoring-*”

  • i really hate a person that snors so much when they are sleeping::,

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