PRC ID Card: The Long Waiting

It’s been nine (9) months already since I filed for the renewal of my PRC ID card, as well as, requested for a change of name, since I’m already married.

According to their advised, it will will only take six – eight months before I can get my new PRC ID card. I keep on calling the PRC – Iloilo Office, where I applied, and was only disappointed to learn that the ID is not available yet. Yesterday, I decided to visit the office to inquire for more details and other related info.

I arrived at the PRC office at around 8:00 in the morning and was dismayed and a bit pissed to learn that they’re only giving 120 numbers for those who want to claim their licenses and will strictly entertain these “120” lucky people for the entire day. Why is this so? I mean, they haven’t advised us or informed the public about this new policy, so how about those who come from far places who just went to the office for the same reason? What if they’ll not be included in the 120 lucky people?

prc office iloilo

the red arrow shows where the applicants (PRC) with in line before they can transact business at the 2nd floor office of the PRC 

And to think that it’s not yet sure whether your PRC ID Card is already available and you still need to wait in line since you can’t reach them anymore because all their lines are busted!

And the PRC Office! My gosh! haven’t they realized yet that they need to move to a more spacious place so that they can serve the professionals and the aspiring professionals better? I mean, if you’ve been at the PRC – Iloilo Office, they’re located at the second floor of a small building, as in small, the stair is “single lane” as well as the alley.

In short, if it’s not really necessary, you’ll just wish you’ll never get to this dreadful office and experiencing the moving forward by pressing other professionals just to get through the guard and ask for a number and once again with in line.

Just a simple request from these authorities, please think about moving to a more accessible location and more spacious place or office to serve us better…

If only these PRC ID cards are like business cards that you can have anytime you want…

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