Becoming A Hunter

I am not an outdoor type of person. In fact I spend my spare time inside the house, especially inside the room, the part of the house where I am most comfortable at. This is where I can sleep all I want, read some books, surf online with my notebook and watch movie comfortably, among others.

wellington hunter boots

Despite of these lazy type of hobbies, I sometimes think of having an outdoor life, not just doing thing some simple, non-interesting and boring activities outside the house but far better than that. What I mean is, I also dreamed of trying to become a sort of a hunter and experience the kind of adrenaline rush going after a poor prey.

But of course, in order for this “illusion” to come true, I need to have the right get up and look like a real hunter complete with hunter boots and other hunter accessories. Wait, I’m not really sure I can live up to the expectation of being a hunter, but who cares? I love chasing…

What do you think? Do I need to buy hunter wellies sooner?

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