My Expensive Way To Cope With Stress

On my previous post, I have been ranting about some Ingrato and how they sort of affected my mood.

Gladly, I have noticed that I have discovered this kind of expensive way to cope with this “stressful” event in my life – to pamper myself. Last time, I just remembered that after “that” Ingrato annoyed me (previously), I went to the Spa and relaxed through a facial and body massage. This time, I went to the saloon and decided to have a little make over of myself (duh?!).

“So what?”, you may say… but I don’t really care about your opinion, it’s my life! Get yours (life), too! (bwahahaha)

Instead of having wrinkles thinking how I’m being treated/”back-stabbed”, I’ll just deal with it positively and let them worry about their actions, hopefully, sooner than later…weeeeeeeeee….

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