Lindsay Lohan’s Ankle Bracelet

Lately, one of my favorite Hollywood actress, the beautiful but alcoholic Lindsay Lohan has been in the news headlines once again.

Lindsay Lohan ankle bracelet

She left the Beverly Hills courthouse last Monday wearing an ankle bracelet. This special ankle bracelet is an alcohol-detecting device which can monitor Lohan’s alcohol level in her body every 30 minutes.

The hearing came five days after Lohan missed a mandatory court appearance because she was stranded in Europe without a passport.

Lawmakers use the SCRAMx bracelet the actress has attached to her ankle to monitor people convicted of alcohol-related offences. (

If Lindsay Lohan fails to wear the ankle bracelet at all times, most likely, she will go to jail. (what a waste!)

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  • Yesterday I read the reality that Ms. Lohan is now returning to drug and alcohol treatment. This is almost certainly the 5th occasion. I honestly have high hopes that Lindsay L. will make it this time around. The only thing Lindsay is at risk of is a lot more incarceration or demise. I also have high hopes for her and know that Lilo is not just proceeding through this for self-promotion…

  • I had been exploring for information about Lindsay Lohan being discharged from her prison cell and landed right here. All I’m able to point out is that I’m just happy that Lindsay Lohan is at long last let go from prison. This woman is carrying a tremendous crisis and will need to take into account responsibility. This situation is extraordinarily difficult for people to believe that lilo will figure out the best way to combat her problem simply because the state government of California is certain that they may force her. Just what she actually requires is substance abuse therapy. I hope that Lindsay finds peace. And I trust that everyone are not getting fooled if she is not just doing all of this just to secure mass media interest.

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