Sacrifices and Efforts For Nothing, You Ingrato!

Isn’t it disappointing and infuriating to learn that all the things you have done for someone, the great sacrifices and you’re almost-draining-efforts have just spawned to nothing? as in nil, nada!

I mean, I’m not really into asking-for-something-in-return person, but hey! wouldn’t it be nice to just be appreciated in simple ways like hearing them saying “thank you”? I now truly believe that no matter how many millions of good deeds you do, they will all be wiped out from other people’s memories if you just commit even a minute mistake. But why is that?

Forgive me for being a little bit emotional now, but this is my blog and I have all the right to express and blog about how I am feeling. I just can’t believe that after the “many life-changing sacrifices” I have done, these are all I can have…What’s worse is that I can’t stand leaving them in the most critical part of their lives, but how am I suppose to face them when I know deep inside that I’m hurt of their mere presence because I remember every single word that have been uttered?

Maybe I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there…but one thing for sure…forgiveness will not be easy, how much more forgetting? Don’t they realize that they still need me for the next few years of their lives? or perhaps, more than half of their existence?

Life is too short, and bad karma is just around the corner…I still more have to say but I think I must stop here for I might lose control and say things I don’t want to…


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  • ari na amon duty…hehehe

  • kadto di k inom ta. let it go so you could free yourself too. In dwelling in it for too long you have caused it to rule your life in some extent. Let it go and let karma do her work. Mango daiquiri?

  • indi ko lang pagsugid online mommy ah…bc mabasahan nila…Don’t want to confirm their thoughts…wahahaha

  • The who is that Mommy??

    Calms lang. 🙂

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