Noynoy’s Controversial Medical Record?!

News have been spreading today about the controversial medical record of one of the Philippine’s Presidentiables, Noynoy Aquino. The word has also reached the media and was even one of the most awaited news earlier at TV Patrol.

Here’s an excerpt of the supposed medical record of Sen. Aquino:

Noynoy's Menta; Retardation

History of Present Illness: The patient is a 36-year old single male with a history of profuse salivation and labile moods since his childhood. He was observed to be sleeping excessively, disoriented and confusing family and household member’s name. When interviewed at the time of psychiatric assessment, the patient said he had difficulty in speech, poor concentration, impaired thinking and melancholia brought about by the stresses of his work and the break-up with his flight attendant girlfriend. He also claimed he felt clumsy and uncoordinated. He also describes what appeared to be a deep sense of foreboding and feeling that the “world was coming to an end.”

Current Symptoms:

1. Psychomotor retardation
2. Slowed gait and activity
3. Lack of initiative
4. Melancholia
5. Fatigue
6. Lack of self-confidence
7. Lack of sexual interest

Substance Abuse History:

Smoker Yes, up to two (2) packs a day

Drugs Yes, teen-age experimentation with Marijuana and various pills

ETOH Yes, solitary drinker


The Psychologist conducting the interviews noticed that the patient would occasionally walk slowly and aimlessly around the room when being interviewed. He appeared inattentive, vague, non-spontaneous and detached in interactions, but passively followed simple commands. He appeared disoriented. There was some difficulty in communicating due to his deep depression and melancholia. On mental state examination, he was a lanky man of medium height who was mildly psychomotor retarded with a latency of verbal replies, and a slowness of movement. He was preoccupied with his inner thoughts, brooded and felt melancholy. He appeared quite elevated and irritable when he spoke of the loss he was feeling when he recounted his relationship with his girlfriend. He expressed a poorly-formed grandiose delusion that the world was ending and described feelings of foreboding but no disturbance in any other sensory modality. The patient was oriented in person and place, with only very mild impairment of time. Attention and concentration deficits were evident, though much in the slightest and confirmed on formal testing that he had minor difficulty in counting down by seven from 100 and could not readily spell some words backwards. Registration and short term memory were intact on testing but he was often distracted and distant. There was evidence of dysphagia, mild difficulty with three-step commands, concretism and trial-constructional dyspraxia (he could not copy complex diagrams). No confabulation or remote memory deficits were identified. His Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score totaled 28/30. No cognitive impairments. He denied being in need of medical assistance and explained his presence in the school as being due to his sister’s concerns, but did not appear suspicious of possible motives or irritated by his presence in the department. He denied that he had any cognitive deficits. He said he required medication and dietary modification, but did not accept medication offered in fact requiring detailed explanation on why the medication had to be taken.

In as much as the patient exhibits the following symptoms (1) Depressed mood (i.e. feeling sad and empty) most of the day for 10 days, (2) Markedly diminished interest on pleasure in almost all activities (including lack of sexual interest) most of the day for 10 days, (3) A noticeable fluctuation of appetite most of the day for 10 days, (4) Psychomotor agitation or retardation (i.e. increased restlessness) most of the day for 10 days, (5) A diminished ability to concentrate ordering on indecisiveness most of the day for 10 days, (6) Insomia nearly everyday, (7) Fatigue nearly everyday , And (8) a feeling of foreboding everyday. He is diagnosed as suffering from Major Depressive Disorder.

Whether this is true or not, I just hope and pray that every Filipino voter will be wise to choose the right candidate this coming election.

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Praning5254 is an insomniac who started blogging since 2008. She is an educator and a Clinical Instructor offline, who has the passion for gadgets and other technology-related stuffs. Online, she maintains several blogs of various niches, which depicts her passion for technology, health, food, movies, books and other interesting stuffs.

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  • eh di nga ba may lahi ng sira iyan…tignan mo nga ang anak ni Kris na isang abnormal or autistic kung autistic nga na matatawag…or down syndrome na ewan…baka si noynoy Penoy naman e abnoy syndrome naman….o ano pa tawag mo don e di mga lahi nga ng buwang hahahahah

  • Now Sino ngayon ang kawawa? haha.. manigas kayo sa taas ng bilihin! haha

  • I think this is all political vendetta. As I have watched his SONA . I was blown away, on how he was honest to revealed our current country status. I don’t think he is daft nor demented. I’m not praising nor criticizing him because it’s too early for that. We just hope, pray, and support for our leaders. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

  • uungah noh dapat pala talaga merong medical & psychological evaluation ang mauupong kahit n cnong public official. dapt requirement un pag ng submit ng application for candidacy. totoo man to o hindi, sana maging matalino ang mga tao s pgpili ng president natin. Gud Luck nlang s ting lahat…

  • Saan pa ba nagmana si Josh?? Di ba genetics yan!!!

  • Si noynoy, balimbing yan, kumakapit sa pangalan ng magulang, eh yun kasi ang mainit eh, ehdi doon siya didikit…

  • sipag at tiyaga para umasenso tayo sa buhay. Villar po tayo!

  • with or without this issue about noynoy aquino, i still won’t vote for him. he’s a good-for-nothing son of ninoy and cory. sad…

  • aminiiin! kay manny na lang ako, villar for president!

  • at this time na malapit na ang election, maging mapagmatyag at mapag usisa tayo. ang internet ay ginagamit para maging kasangkapan ng mga akusasyon at balita gawa gawa lamang. This is just to divert the real issue. Sino ang karapat dapat na maging presidente? yun pa ay yaong panawagan niya sa lahat na para bang isa siyang tagapagligtas ng pilipinas at pag naupo siya ay magiging mayaman na tayo lahat?

  • Eww naman kayu wala nang asenso money2x lng yan nag papadala naman kayu…..

  • Ang mga Noynoy supporter parang ang daling mainis. Konting banat lang kay Noynoy maiinit na ulo…. E diba kung ano sila yun ang ipinapakita ng pinuno nila. Ibig sabihin nito si Noynoy ay isang emosyonal na tao na madili mainis… Saka pansin ko lang hindi ba ang kampo ni Noynoy ang unang nanira? Nung nalaman nila na si Villar ay nakakahabol na? kaya pag si Gibo o yung iba pang kandidato ang humabol tingnan niyo sisiraan din yan ng kampo ni Noynoy…. ayaw raw sa corruption e ngayon pa lang nainira na at kung sino sino na tinatapakan…

    Face the truth. Leaders will always be corrupt. We don’t need a saint or some martyr to lead us we need someone who is smart and could do good with the evil that he is doing.

  • a psycho president for the philippines! great!

  • Si Noynoy tahimik nga, mukang mabait, anak ng bayani, pero mukang nasa loob ang kulo. Sabihin natin fake yung lumabas na mental record niya… pero parang may mali nga sa pagkatao niya.

  • go home and cry to mama noynoy! Villar will win the election and i’ll enjoy seeing you scream like a LITTLE GIRL…

  • Whether this Controversial Medical record is true or not, Still, I will not vote for noynoy. look at the issue about Hacienda Luisita, Until now, He can’t make decisions about it, Kung papaano nga ang gagawin niya dito. Noynoy is too emotional. Without his MOM or DAD, he is nothing. Nakakatakot kapag si Noynoy ang nanalo. Mga katulad niyang ginamit lamang ang pangalan ng magulang.

  • Para sa akin di mahalaga ang authenticity ng medical report na lumabas.

    What boggles my mind is that with all the beauties linked to Noynoy, why those relationship did not worked or last??? he’s every inch an eligible bachelor, yet he remained single at 50??? is this a question of sexual abnormality or a sign of phsycological imbalance???

    Dapat lang talaga presidential and vice presidential aspirants should undergo phsyciatric evaluation to ensure our future commander-in-chief is mentally sound as a person.

  • To Damn: Hoy baka mas abnoy ka, tang ina mo rin gago ka! Peste!

  • to DAMN tang ina mo rin, mag research ka muna bago mag comment! baka mas abnoy kang buang ka!!! peste ka!

  • at this time na malapit na ang election, maging mapagmatyag at mapag usisa tayo. ang internet ay ginagamit para maging kasangkapan ng mga akusasyon at balita gawa gawa lamang. This is just to divert the real issue. Sino ang karapat dapat na maging presidente? yun pa ay yaong panawagan niya sa lahat na para bang isa siyang tagapagligtas ng pilipinas at pag naupo siya ay magiging mayaman na tayo lahat?

  • this is serious, aquino should face this whether true or not he should go test to clear himself

  • The opposition is very desperate to even think of distorting certain facts about noynoy’s health record. They cannot accept the fact of losing this elections — especially after spending billions of pesos.

  • We have faith in you Noy ( and MAR )…and no one can do anything or say anything to change this…they can try all they want…

  • Hey, I go over all your blog posts, keep them coming.

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  • Tang inang noynoy abnoy pala.

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