Going Places and Taking Pictures

I have been very vocal ever since in telling the whole world that I really love to go places, and every place I visit, whether it’s my first time or not, I always see to it that I can be able to take pictures for remembrance purposes, and for “showing off” too, lol.

I remembered that before, when my aunts abroad send us letter through snail mail, they always include post cards with accompanying dedication at the back. Today, photo postcards are now the new fad, a revolutionary alternative to the “old school”, conventional post cards.

Hmmm… I think I have an idea… I will now start making those pictures of mine going places and turn them into photo postcards… It might make those boring pictures more alive and interesting…

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  • i have been doing this since i got my megazoom camera, hehe. but basic photography should be learned inorder to have stunning shots.

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