Oscar’s Best Actress Winner 2010

I was watching the live telecast of the 82nd Academy Awards or better known as the Oscars Awards Night earlier today.
Oscar Awards Night
I was not surprised when Sandra Bullock was announced as the Best Actress for the 2010 Oscars Awards night. She won the award for her performance in the movie The Blind Side.

For the complete list of winners of the 2010 82nd Academy Awards Night, please click this link: Complete 82nd Academy Awards Results and Winners.

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  • i had a huge crush on Sandar Bullock when i was still in college, for me, she is the prettiest actress “`:

  • Sandra Bullock is one the greatest actress in my opnion, she plays a lot of different roles “

  • People are saying Hurt Locker was an upset. No. A Serious Man would have been an upset. Hurt Locker deserved Best Picture and it’s just an added bonus that it beat out the most expensive movie ever made.

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