Date With Nanay Courtesy of Aunt (Maninay) Neneng

Last Sunday, we went to visit Nanay’s (mom) cousin, Aunt Neneng, who also happens to be my Godmother. We chitchat for a while together with Granny Letty because it’s been a while since we literally saw each other.

Actually, the plan was Aunt Neneng, mom and I were going out on a “date” and Auntie planned to treat and accompany us to Spa Riviera; but the original plan was “slightly changed ” due to certain circumstances where Auntie can’t come with us. Instead, she gave us two (2) complimentary tickets to the said spa and more than enough “budget” for the “after meal”.

Since it’s already past 5 in the afternoon, mom and I decided to have dinner at Marina’s Restaurant (as suggested by Auntie Neneng, since she requested me to treat Nanay). We ordered, Chicken Barbeque with rice, Chicken Binakol, and Sotanghon Guisado, while we had Banana Split and Ice cream for the dessert. Since it’s already late to have a spa and too early to go home, I decided to bring mom to Small Ville – a place to go for the party goers. Mom has always been curious about Small Ville and how it looked like, that’s why I decided to bring her there, which is just only across Marina’s restaurant.

We didn’t get a chance to enter any bar since we’re too full (from the sumptuous dinner) yet that we can “hardly” move (lol).

Anyway, below are the pictures I managed to have during our dinner and a stroll at the Small Ville.

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On my next post, I’m going to blog about our (nanay and I) 2nd day of date, where we went to the spa. So, stay tuned…

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