A Unique Pooping Activity

Have you ever considered pooping as a boring necessity? Well, worry no more as the new potty putter is now here to make your pooping experience more interesting.

potty putter

So, instead of boringly reading the magazine or newspaper while pooping, you can now practice and enhance your skills to beat your opponent on the next tournament.

Isn’t it wonderful? You can now do both things at the same time, thus no time is wasted, plus a necessity is also done, plus the fact that you can practice and practice without anybody seeing you fail to put that ball inside the whole.

It is indeed a unique pooping activity, right? In addition, you can now start practicing and enhancing your putting skills – as practice makes perfect, they say. When you’re already convinced with your putting skills – which you practiced while pooping – you are now ready to show them and the whole world, who’s the boss now!

Now you can brag your new golf skill with them seeing you practicing, isn’t it really great? Your boss may even ask you to teach them. And you may get very lucky when the chick that you really like may become your number one fan and ask you to sign her behind or better yet, she may ask you to give her a one-on-one tutorial.

Who’s the boss now?

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