Watch A Peek Inside The Bloom Box by Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy Corporation is now trying to solve one of the biggest problem of the world – energy shortage – through its Bloom Box.

A Bloom Box is a kind of fuel cell that can combine water, oxygen and an energy source, like natural gas or ethanol, to produce power extremely efficiently.

On Powell’s post, “What is the Bloom Box?”, he said:

Sridhar’s invention appears to provide a way to capture and store energy from any source: clean or fossil-based. One of the biggest challenges for the renewable energy industry is storing power when the energy source isn’t available. For wind power, it’s for when the wind stops blowing; for solar energy, it’s for when it’s cloudy or the Sun goes down at night. The Bloom Box uses energy when it’s available to store it as hydrogen and oxygen. When the energy source is no longer available, the Bloom Box reverses and starts generating electricity from the hydrogen and oxygen.

Below is the youtube video of the said coverage:

Video courtesy of cbs.com

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