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In a modern world where almost everything are done through the use of computers, users tend to create new folders every now and then, that sometimes our desktop are all covered with these folders.

These folders can allow us to separate certain files or data from the other, one program from the other, segregate documents and other similar functions. Through these folders, we will be able to find what we are looking for easily.

There is one program that can also ease up our lives using computers, the File Sync. This software, which is free to download, serves as a folder and file synchronization program for noncommercial usage.

File Sync is not as hard to download, operate or use, just like any other synchronization softwares. It is easy to use and can certainly help you if you need to define distinctions between two folder and copy only the files you don’t have on the working PC from another’s computer on flash, among others.

With this sync program you can now easily identify the difference between two copies of the same folders. Also, if you like to replace old files with new ones, you can do it, too.

Now, allow me to clean my desktop and sync my folders.

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