Shamu Kills Trainer @ SeaWorld

The dolphins and whales show is canceled for today at the SeaWorld when an orca brutally killed her trainer, Dawn Barancheau.

Tilikum or Telly, for short, was also involved in two human deaths in 1999. Despite the incidence, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or the PETA blamed the incident to SeaWorld for continuously “exploiting” these mammals for a show.

As what PETA had written on their blog,

“Earlier this afternoon, another trainer at SeaWorld in Orlando was killed after being pulled into the tank by anorca named Tilikum (or Telly, for short). According to a witness, the whale, who has been involved in two previous fatal incidents involving human beings and who our captive wildlife director, Debbie Leahy, describes as “12,300 pounds of sheer rage,” leapt out of the tank and grabbed the trainer by the waist, pulled her into the water, threw her around like a rag doll, and then held her underwater until she drowned. SeaWorld officials canceled the dolphin and whale shows for the rest of the day, but SeaWorld remains open (have they no shame?!) and will continue to exploit and abuse these captive animals despite the many horrific injuries and deaths of trainers and animals that have occurred throughout the theme park’s history.

As for me, this is not the time to blame someone or something for the incident has already taken place and a life has been taken. Today is the time for both parties to make agreements that will ensure the safety of both the animals and their trainers.

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  • This was a very sad incident but I feel the whale did no wrong, these trainers know what theya re getting into when they start training. They are working with wild animals. That is a risk that they take when being a trainer.

  • How many times will it take? How many deaths before these whales are let go. Or better yet, not captured at all. Let’s stop this before it is too late.

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