My First Birthday Party

My birthday will be few days from now and my students gave me an advance surprise birthday party this evening, which I truly appreciated.

For me, it’s a very thoughtful thing to do because this party signifies some of the many firsts in my life. This night is when I had my first “literal” birthday party, first birthday gifts, first birthday balloons and first birthday cake! (*blushing*)

Anyway, here are the pictures:

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Thanks to Rheva, Mel, Lei, Sef, Papa P, Mark, Tem, Harry, Von and my sister, Dream, for making this party possible.


I will always treasure this one… (*emote?!*)lol

Honestly, I’m very touched for the efforts you have given to prepare this one…Love you, guys! (with matching teary eyes ang beauty sang lola…hehehe)…

I just wish someone special will have jewellery and gifts for me…

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