Got To Have Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition

Cleaning the house is not really my forte that’s why I think I got to have this new Dyson dc24 blueprint limited edition vacuum.
dyson dc24 blueprint limited edition
Aside from what it can do – which is to help me a lot in cleaning the house, I also like the way it looks – like a robot?

Below are the features of dyson dc24 blueprint limited edition which is now featured at www.woot.com:

Root Cyclone technology, patented Dyson technology that doesn’t lose suction power as you vacuum
Ball technology, steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist
Ultra-lightweight and compact, lightest Dyson upright machine at 11.65 lbs. The handle also compresses to store in tight spaces
Reversible wand, Reverse the wand and hold the handle to give you a firm grip when reaching into awkward corners
Lifetime washable HEPA filter, Designed to trap microscopic allergens
Motorized brushbar, Powerful bristles remove dirt and pet hair from carpets

Suction power Air Watts (constant): 115
Filtration: Lifetime washable HEPA filter
Bin capacity: 0.19 gal
Dimensions: 43.3×11.0×13.7 (HxWxD) inches
Cord length: 20ft
Weight: 11.65 pounds

When you are now decided to purchase the product, like me, check inside the box if it contains the following:

Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition
Mini Flat Out Head
Combination Tool

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