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Energysavers.gov is now giving the shoppers an opportunity they can never resist. As the New York State has just come up with an initiative called “New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out” program, which is also known as Cash for Appliances.


This program intends to entice the shoppers to buy Energy-Star appliances because by doing so, the shopper can have a rebate.

Below are the list of appliances with their corresponding rebate values:

  • Refrigerators: $75 rebate. You could get $105 back if you have a receipt proving you recycled the old one.
  • Washers: $75 dollar rebate or $100 with a recycling receipt
  • Freezers: $50 refund or $75 if you recycle the old one.

*If you bundle all three items, or any two plus an Energy Star dishwasher, you can get a $500 rebate, $550 with recycling receipt.

This can be a great savings, right? I just wish I am now in New York… (lol)

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