Big Girls Don’t Cry

Lately, I instantly became an avid “fan” of Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry music video. Honestly, I am not a music video lover though I love music.

milo ventimiglia in big girls don't cry

But this time, I have watched the music video of the said song for the nth time already. I guess you are now wondering why, right?

Hey, it’s because of this ruggedly handsome man named Milo Ventimiglia! He’s really a hunk and super gorgeous (for me, so please don’t argue, lol). Actually, this guy’s image got stuck in my head since I became a super fan of super heroes in the TV series “HEROES”, where he played the character of Peter Petrelli.

I was so glad when I got over with the “Edward Cullen” fever where I suffered from “CULLENities” (lol), but now, here I am again, feeling like a teenager once more…*sigh*

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