Watch Dinagyang Festival Live Coverage

Tomorrow will be the grand salvo and the start of the three-day celebration of the Dinagyang Festival and I’m very excited to witness the most prestigious and extravagant festival of the country.

Watch Dinagyang Festival Live Coverage
Tomorrow, guests and natives of Iloilo andIloilo City will start to experience how the Ilonggos celebrate the festivity. I’m sure there will be several programs from various TV stations (Kapamilya and Kapuso) and radio stations on every corner of the street matched with bombastic sound system that will surely keep your heart pumping and your fee thumping.

Not to forget the overflowing food and beverages at the Food Festival that primarily boasts the Ilonggo cuisines and delicacies. Guests and regulars will surely be entertained by live bands while enjoying and savoring the mouth-watering food.

Despite overcrowded streets, peace and order will be kept by the policemen that are posted everywhere and all throughout the downtown area, specifically streets that are flocked by “dagyangeros” and “dagyangeras” (people who come to witness the Dinagyang Festival), so you don’t have to worry too much.

For those who want to roam the streets of Iloilo City tomorrow, on Saturday and/or Sunday, here are my advices:

  1. Don’t wear jewelries, especially those that are valuable and can attract attention easily;
  2. For girls, don’t wear too sexy or “thought-provoking” clothes;
  3. For males, don’t drink too much and always be in control and be extra “forgiving” whenever you or your companion will be bumped every now and then.
  4. Don’t bring huge amount of money, especially that pickpockets are extra “alert” during this occasion;
  5. If possible don’t bring your children;
  6. Don’t bring deadly weapons if you don’t want to spend the festival inside the container vans (where drunks and the like are housed temporarily during the festival).
  7. Don’t wear large belt buckle if you don’t want it to be confiscated by the authorities;
  8. Wear flat shoes/sandals for the festival includes an “endless” walk.

On the other hand, if you want want to watch the festival as comfortable as you can be, you can opt to watch the Dinagyang Festival Live Coverage at IBC-13, ABS-CBN or GMA 7.

Until here for now and I’ll just keep you posted on the updates of the Dinagyang Festival 2010.

Update: If you want to have a sit on the front of each Judging area (there are 5 judging areas where the tribes will perform), it will cost you at least P300.00

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  • Awesome pics and also festival,I hope I can get there some day.

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