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In my nature of work and type of work schedule, it is normal for me to experience stress every now and then. Since, I need to get rid of this stress – because most of the times I can’t ignore the stressors – I have a couple of ways to relieve myself from it.

bedazzled game

One of these ways are playing online puzzle games where I can relax (though some games are timed…lol) and still stimulate from brain while trying to divert my attention from the stressor/s.

I have been a fun of text twist, bejeweled, bookworm and bedazzled games. Aside from getting rid of stress, I still get to enhance my knowledge (especially my vocabulary) and stimulate my mind.

This is how a relaxing time for me looks like…

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  • Text Twist is an exciting game and it is also educational. this game can also help in spelling and vocabulary.:,~

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