Addicted To Heroes

I was just glad that I have already gotten over with my CSI Las Vegas Addiction.

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Now, here’s comes another addiction that I have just started and I’m now having so much difficulty getting rid of it in my system. What am I mumbling about? It’s the Heroes TV Series.

Actually someone has referred it to me months ago when I blogged about my CS addiction. She urged me to watch Heroes and that I’ll surely love it. I ignored her and that I thought I’ll never really get to like it as it is about those human who happened to have surprisingly amazing “talent” or “power” (since I’m not into it).

Honestly, I happen to watch this movie as one of my students submitted a CD of its season 1 as her output together with her reaction paper.

I was not interested watching the first few episodes, but now I’m wondering what have gotten into me that made me buy the succeeding Seasons that are now available – I am now watching the 3rd Season.

Well, this is another way to divert my attention from work (I’m a self-confessed workaholic) and release stress (I guess). I just pray that I won’t be disappointed with the ending as I have a high expectation from this series…

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  • Kyle XY is damn right mysterious but he is also cute'”;

  • Love following heroes episodes, it came from boring into a fine tv show now. During the first few episodes, I was like, its another xmen clone. But now its fun to watch, I hope the new season will be out sooner.

  • I will give it a try Mommy. I was attracted to KYLE XY because of the moral lessons, humor and family matters. 😀

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