Jim Carrey’s Official Website

I have few favorite local and foreign actors; one of them is Jim Carrey. Obviously because I love comedy films.

Aside from Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey is an actor whose movies I won’t regret to watch. One of which was the “Bruce Almighty”. I’ve seen this movie for the nth time, and believe me, it never stopped entertaining and making me laugh boisterously.

Anyway, now that somebody took time and spent his effort to build Jim Carrey’s official website, I’m sure, fanatics like me, will surely frequent that site.

Thanks to you, whoever you are…

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  • Building a website can be daunting but the real challenge lies in making it usable. The problem is most web designers forget that the website wasn’t created for themselves but to solve the users’ needs. They give creativity priority over practicality and usability.

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