Typhoon Ondoy Causes Philippine Flood

It was heart-breaking seeing more fellow Filipinos suffering from the damage caused by Typhoon Ondoy that brought deep flood here in the Philippines.

Flood in the Philippines

I just remembered how our place here, Iloilo, was so affected by last year’s super typhoon Frank. We experienced the same tragedy like what people in Manila are experiencing as of now.

Houses are covered with flood full of mud and garbage, residents are waiting on their roof for rescue, falling in a very long line just to avail the relief goods and some clothings…ah, it’s really something that you don’t want to look back.

Anyway, I just wish that the typhoon will leave the country later tonight or early morning tomorrow, just like what the weather forecast have declared earlier in the news.

I hope casualties are less in number and more assistance will be given to those who are really in need and not by those who are greedy in the position…

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  • It’s very sad. Lord hears for our prayer for these people who are victims, died and survives of this tragedy. Thank you for sharing ways to help those that are suffering due to the Typhoon.

  • we can always give food aid to the african countries if we just save some pennies and donate it to them *–

  • our country received food aids from EU nations and it is a good thing to have those food aid programs*;*

  • ondoy did a lot of damage to the econmoy and also to the lives of people;-*

  • food aids are mostly needed by the poor coutnries in africa and also in asia,*”

  • Ondoy is very devastating and leaves several hundred people homeless.”,

  • food aids are badly needed by third world countries and we really need to give something to the poor.;*-

  • Food Aids are badly needed by third world countries like in Africa in Asia.~–

  • I wonder what the flood elevation is in this area. Its a shame to have built and lived in an area to be destroyed so fast by floods.

  • Wow that’s terribly sad how an entire village that took years to build can be washed away in a matter of minutes.

  • Kawawa talaga yung mga nabiktima ng Typhoon Ondoy, buti na lang at medyo naka-recover na tayo ngayon. ~

  • my friends in Philippines were also victimized by the flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy. i just hope that you guys could recover soon from this natural disaster. `

  • it is very unfortunate for our Filipino brothers to be hit by typhoon Ondoy. i have seen the massive flooding and the flood victims on TV and it is really horrible.

  • Hi,

    We’re reaching out to all the bloggers who talk about the Philippines in an urgent appeal for them to tell their readers about the disaster that transformed the country this weekend.

    The torrential rains that pounded the Philippines, has resulted in more than 1.8 million people being immediately affected.

    We, the UN World Food Programme, has identified at least 178 000 families in need of immediate food aid.

    Please would you consider telling the readers of your blog about their situation, and encourage them to go to to donate? Also if you’re active on social networks, it would help to tell other about it there too.

    Even the smallest amounts help: $18 can feed a family for 2 weeks!

    Warmest regards

  • I just hope that helping in times of need will not be mixed with political agenda…

  • Rest assure that NDCC Chairman GILBERT “GIBO” TEODORO is doing his best to help the Filipino people… a matter of fact GIBO IS OUT THERE GETTING HIS FEET WET AND PERSONALLY TAKING CHARGE OF ALL THE RESCUE OPERATIONS!
    GIBO is putting all of his effort and guidance to send more than 20 RUBBER BOATS and 25 units of M35 trucks for RESCUE OPERATION…

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