Raymond Clark III Facebook Account

I am now having difficulty posting my status at my facebook account. Maybe it’s because of Raymond Clark III (?).

Raymond Clark pictures with his girlfriend, JenniferRaymond Clark pictures with his girlfriend, Jennifer, taken from his online accounts

Just like any ordinary person who maintains some social network accounts, like the facebook, Raymond Clark III also has his own online accounts he maintain. But since he was arrested earlier today, his online accounts have already been deleted though some were able to grab some pictures of him, with his girlfriend, Jennifer Hromadka.

He was arrested for the murder of Annie M. Le, Yale grad student working on the lab of the Yale University together with Clark as the Animal Research Lab Technician. Reports said the Le was strangled, which caused her death.

Raymond Clark III was linked to the said murder, that took place last September 13, 2009, due to DNA evidence, as well as the scratches on his body.

The incident happened on the day of Le’s wedding, where she was found stuffed and suffocated behind the wall of the laboratory where she and Clark work.

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  • Napanood ko nga yan sa CBS Nightly News… kaasar yun mga ganyang balita

    nga pala, Hi Praning5254… matagal na rin ^_^ kamusta!

    sali ka sa International Bloggers Community kung may oras ka.

    eto yung link sa article ko


  • How ironic that Raymond Clark III, the control-freak geek who maintained laboratory animals in cages, is now in one of his own. There he can consider that it wasn’t the smartest move to commit murder in a brand new, state-of-the-art science facility with restricted access and a 75 camera security system.

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