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If I’m going to rate the service of PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) from 1 -10 with 10 as the highest, I would probably give them a failing grade of 3.

Why? Well, yesterday I went to PRC Iloilo Office to renew my professional license. And today I returned to their regional office to finish my unfinished transaction yesterday, what a hassle!

Their rented building has no enough space to cater to the needs of all the professionals from the island of Panay and Negros. You can just imagine how many professionals are there in this entire island plus in Negros. The PRC occupies the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building located at the N.B. Building, Lopez Jaena Street, Jaro, Iloilo City.

PRC Iloilo Regional Office
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A small alley is available for the professionals and applicants to form their lines and wait for their numbers to be called, as they can only entertain 10 customers per window at a time inside their main office. There are 13 windows but as I have observed yesterday and today, only 8 windows are “functional”. I don’t know whether the remaining windows are permanently closed or the personnel is just out of sight. But I can be certain that there is only 1 cashier (Windows 11 & 12), when in fact their are 2 windows to serve the purpose, as well as, 1 attendant for the releasing (windows 12 & 13) when there are also 2 windows.

In fairness, the guard, who also functions as the customer care representative, is polite and kind to attend to the queries and other needs of the customers, just like the staff on each window. They attend to the client’s needs as fast as they can.

Another thing I would like to point out is that, do we really need to have our pictures taken from their “”official photography partner”? As I noticed one professional yesterday who brought his own set of pictures, following the requirements for the picture, but they were not accepted because according to the staff, it should be taken “upstairs” (3rd floor, where picture takings take place) and a payment of P70.oo is needed for the said pics.

Also, why does it take them too long to release the ID’s and other requested documents? For renewal, they told me thatit will be released from 3- 5 mos, as for me, since I applied for renewal and change of status, it will take 6 – 8 months for me to receive my new ID. Why that long? After all, it’s just my first renewal.

As for my sister’s clamour, her PRC ID was not yet released until today, while in fact, her other friends and classmates have already got theirs. Hey, our family name is ABELARDE, and they’re now on Z. When she asked the PRC staff, my sister was told to follow up next time as the released ID was only partial. Don’t they do it in alphabetical order?

As for the Regional Office, would it be possible for them to transfer to a more spacious place just like the BIR Bldg? After all, customers of BIR are not as many as the clients of PRC on a daily basis. They can also apply for a term life insurance quote to help them out with this matter.

Anyway, if you happen to know the answers to these problems, kindly share it through the comment section so that other readers would also be informed.

Note: This is not posted to create a negative impression on the PRC, this is just my way of expressing my own opinions and allowing it to reach the concerned individuals so that these kind of problems would come to their attention and be addressed accordingly to provide better or best service to the public.

I’d be glad to update this post if something positive results from this post.

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