My Super Inconsiderate Dorm Mates

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Every Thursday until Saturday I have my classes on this certain component city here in our place where I need to travel for more or less 5 hours. Naturally I requested the school to shoulder my extra expenses, specifically my boarding house.

To make the long story short, I am now staying at the school’s dorm together with the 4 other teachers. Every time I arrive at the dorm, I’m always in a “fuming rage” because of these super inconsiderate dorm mates of mine.

Why super inconsiderate? Well, allow me to reiterate some of their “inconsiderate” actions:

  1. They hang their wet towels, clothes, etc in my bed (double deck)
  2. They put their shoes and sandals under my bed (what a smell!)
  3. They also put their laundry under the bed
  4. Some of their food wrappers are under my bed that my dreaded ants are crawling in it (now I’m itching)
  5. They stack their test papers, travelling bags, etc on the upper bed, allowing no air to pass through as there is only 1 functional ceiling fan in the room..
  6. They’re so noisy talking nonsense every night! I want to put Packaging Tapes on their mouth to keep them shut.

I really hate them but I never tried to approach them as I don’t feel like doing it. I mean, I thought they are professionals, so why are they acting that way?

Grrrr….. I’m really pissed off….

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