Free Link From Blog Sign, Get $5 Bonus

A new paid per post site has been launched and its giving away great deals and big bonus. I’m talking about the Link From Blog site. So how can you avail of the bonus? Just follow the simple instruction below:

Make money in blogosphere

Go to register for free, then activate your blog by posting anything about the said site and insert the code they’ll provide you into that post. After you have published the post, copy the permalink and submit it to them. That’s it! You’ll receive $5.00 for that!

What’s more? You can add up to 5 blogs then follow the previous instruction to get some more bonus. So, this means, if you have 5 active blogs registered to them, you’ll gain a total of $25 bonus! Great, isn’t it?

Aside from this bonus, you can additionally earn by referring your friends to join them plus another earnings you get to grab is when you do paid posts for their advertisers.

Interested? just click the link that follows to register and follow the simple instructions: register now at
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