Earning From Paid Posts

Last time I have blogged about the site, Link From Blog, and how I earned from simply signing up for free and getting my blogs activated.

When I started blogging I never really expected that I can earn from it until I received my first payment from making paid posts. Since then, I have been joining sites like to earn additional extra income.

Since this site is fairly new as compared to its other competitors, competition from other bloggers are not that tight, so most probably than not, my bids have been accepted; though they’re quite new, there are still a number of advertisers who trust Link From Blog to advertise product in internet.

So, it’s a win-win situation since advertisers get their sites and products reviewed and linked, bloggers, like me, can also gain monetary rewards from them.

So, if you want to earn extra from doing paid posts, you better sign-up for free now at and get ready to be paid. Just don’t forget to leave your comment here regarding your experience with this site, ok?

See you around…

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