So You’ve Decided To Be Evil

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I’m sure you’re surprise of the title of this post and I guess you’re all eager to discover the reason behind this title. Am I right? I think so…

Well, this is one of those times where I tell myself, “So, you’ve decided to be evil, huh?” Why? Simply because there are super duper annoying people who pretend to know everything (of course, they’re not) and imposing their stupid “ideas and opinions” on me. No, don’t get me wrong please. I’m open to criticism, if that’s what you mean, but I think it just depends on how those criticisms are “delivered”.

Because of these type of people, once in a while, I decide to be an evil and talk nasty things to them; sometimes I even allow my hypocrisy slip and let out my ‘words’ in a joking manner pretending that it was completely a joke and no “pun” intended. (lol)

I’m just glad I have this blog that serves as my “outlet” as now I’m feeling composed again…

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