One Fine Day at SM City Bacolod

SM City Bacolod was never my favorite place to stay and hang out before because I think the place was too crowded and that there is no enough space for bystanders, like me, to stay and kill my idle time. I even remember when my friend and I once went around the mall and criticized its construction design. Both of us agreed that among the many SM City and SM Malls we have roamed around, just like in Cebu, Iloilo, Baguio and Manila, SM City Bacolod has different design and that we think that parking areas are more spacious than the mall itself.

But on the other hand, though I don’t frequently go to SM City Bacolod, whenever I need to buy something for myself, especially blouses, shoes and sandals, I choose to buy them at SM City Bacolod. Why? Because of my body size (3x -4x) and feet size (9-10), I find it very very difficult to find something that will exactly fit me and make me comfortable. But at SM City malls, especially SM City Bacolod, these are no longer my problem as they have those sizes in their department store. What’s more is that the designs are unique (I hate it when I see people wearing the same dress as mine), especially the blouses, but take note, at affordable prices.

I mean, where else can I find an offer as irresistible as this? Where else can I find a mall that’s always having a sale and selling out great buys? Where else can I find uniquely designed blouses that fit me and my budget? My answer to all these questions? Only here at SM City.
But wait, that does not end there, why? Simply because when I attended the SM City Bacolod WiFi Launching, as a blogger, last July 31, 2009, I’m impressed with the signal of the connection plus the fact that WiFi connection was really fast, and so as the downloads. Below are pictures of me holding the prizes I won during the event.

I won a nokia....pouch with towel inside...heheh

I won a nokia....pouch with towel inside...heheh

A shirt and a pouch I won together with my notebook...

A shirt and a pouch I won together with my notebook...

I really did enjoy the launching event as I was able to access the web for free, update my blogs, and do some online tasks, while listening to the talks of the speaker about blogging and similar stuff. Aside from that, there were also free snacks for everyone there and the organizers of the event were very warm to us – even from the registration until the closing of the program.

Actually, this Neo Notebook that I’m using to blog now is bought here. Now, I’m here at the food court of the SM City Bacolod enjoying the free unlimited WiFi connection and making this post. Haha. I just hope that no one will shoo me away here for my body size is too conspicuous (lol) and I just ordered a regular coke and stayed here for…wait, one hour? 2 hours? Or 3 hours perhaps? Ah, I can stay here forever if only my battery can last that long… sigh…

About the Mall’s design? I don’t care anymore, as long as everything that people need are there, from groceries, hardware, departments stores, foods and books, among others. And, of course, not to forget, as long as there is a free wifi connection, I don’t need a big space to dwell, as all I need is a vacant chair to sit with matching vacant table to put my laptop, and some food as well.

Now, imagine the scenario I’m into – blogging and eating almost at the same time. Ah, this one’s another one fine day at SM City Bacolod.

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