I Love Fox Crime!

Fox Crime

Our cable was installed last week and since I went home for a long vacation from school, due to intramurals, our T.V. is often stationed in only two channels, AXN and Fox Crime. If I am to choose between the two, I will definitely chose the Fox Crime channel.

As I have posted before that I am a CSI Addict, which means I’m into this kind of stuff and Fox Crime have shows similar to do. My favorite shows are CSI – Vegas, Miami and NY, Burn Notice, NCIS and the Practice.

my favortie shows

CSI is like SOCO here in the Philippines but has more sophisticated gadgets, which I’m into also; Burn Notice is about a spy who was betrayed but now he’s back to get back to those who have betrayed him – I love the “spy things and techniques” that are shown here; NCIS is a sort of CSI and Police tasks, and lastly the Practice is about the experiences of every lawyers and the struggles they are experiencing to defend their case and make it win.

I can watch these shows over and over again for 24 hours without being bored – am I being weird here? Actually I have done this – the 24-hour watching thing – several times and I still get the same feeling of excitement and interest.

I just wish I can get a chance to work with this kind of people, someday.

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