Having a Fun Family Event With My Daughter

I work far from home, far from my family, especially far from my baby. Even though I work six days a week, I still find time to go home every Sunday and spend time with my family.

When I’m home, I devote almost all of my time playing with my daughter as well as attending to her every needs. You know, she’s fast growing up – she’ll be turning two this October, and I want to be a part of her growing process. I likewise want her to enjoy her childhood, much better than mine.

To do so, I see to it that we go out once in a while. My husband and I, together with our daughter spend some bonding moments every now and then. We attend to occasions that allow children participation and let her “loose”. There’s no greater joy for a mother to hear her child’s crisp laughs and see her all out smiles. These can take away all my worries and stress accumulated for six days.

I’m just glad that is now available online, as mothers, like me, can be updated or informed on the latest fun family events happening within their area. In this way, they won’t be able to miss events like that where the children, as well as, the parents can all enjoy.


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