Flaunting My Blogging World

My Blogging World
At last, after several times that I have planned to flaunt my blogging world to others, I finally found a time to do so. What am I talking about? Do you see the picture above? It’s a collage of most of the sites that I visit everyday as part of my blogging world. I know, it’s not that good and as professionally looking as some others’ work; but for me, it’s an accomplishment!

Anyway, this picture was printed in a sticker paper and put in the cover of my Neo Notebook earlier today. After that I bought a G.I. Joe skin for my Globe Tattoo Broadband. Of course, I put one of the skin stickers at the cover of my notebook as shown below.

Neo Notebook Sticker

Neo Notebook Sticker

limited edition G.I. Joe Skin

limited edition G.I. Joe Skin

And here’s the new look of my Globe Tattoo:
Globe Tattoo New Skin

Globe Tattoo New Skin

Cool, isn’t it?

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  • Wow! It is SOOOO COOL!!!

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