Another Collector’s Item Found

Another collector’s item has been found online that I’m really dying to buy. For those who don’t know yet, Aside from my gadget collections, I am also collecting things that are rare spoonbecause it makes me feel great when I know that only me possess a one-of-a-kind thing. (I also give some of them out during christmas and other special occasions, as gifts).

Anyway, I found this cute collector’s item spoon while looking for some sites that showcase some memoribilia and collector’s items.. What really caught my attention to this product is its unique appearance as shown on the picture.

I’m just glad that ShopWiki is available online as it features various items from various online shops, which means that a customer, like me, will have a wide array of selection/items to choose from and that we can also compare the prices.

Until here for now as I still have to place my order (of spoon) so that I can have it as soon as possible.

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