SM City Bacolod WiFi Launching

On Friday, July 31st, a big event for bloggers is coming – the SM City Bacolod WiFi Launching. I’ll definitely be attending the event despite the fact that I have to hold a class on that day (I’ll just leave a substitute activity to my students, lol).


Anyway, the event will start from 12 noon until 5 Pm at the activity center of SM City Bacolod. I’ll be bringing my two students – Shayne and Joseph and a friend, Juven, who¬†are newbies to blogging (I taught them) on Friday.

This event is open to all bloggers, users of social networks like myspace, facebook and friendster, among others and to all internet users!

We’re all excited for this event to come, especially the freebies, the raffle draws, the event blogging contest, the tutorials and above all, the WiFi Launching! I’ll definitely bring my “notebook” so I can surf all I want – for free!

Special thanks to Mommy Ruby for informing and inviting me as well as for posting these event info at facebook.

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