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Last July 4, 2009 around 3PM, mommy Ruby reminded me not to forget the first big event for bloggers (of Iloilo and Negros, which will be held at Casino Filipino, Golden Fields, Bacolod City), which will be on that afternoon at 6PM.


Although, it was way difficult for me, I still managed to be there at 6:15 PM. Why difficult? I came from Kabankalan City ( 2-3 hours ride) during that day because I had a class and I just hurried back to Bacolod City just to attend the event, which was sponsored by the PAGCOR. I was half expecting the place to be a grandiose one and the food, as well; and I was right after all.

Meeting other bloggers there was my first intention, as well as, getting to know new scoops from the blogging world straight from the expert bloggers’ mouth.

Anyway, the said event was primarily about the digitalfilipino.com club and their upcoming events and activities for the online world. It was presented by Ms. Janette Toral. Although, it was not really about blogging, I still got some ideas to improve my blogging performance through her presentations and of course, talks and chitchat with my fellow and aspiring bloggers there.

One thing I regret during the event is that I should have brought my 2 students there who are already into blogging. Aside from the sumptuous food, I’m sure they’ll also appreciate the freebies given by PAGCOR, Ms. Toral and Casino Filipino.

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Ms Janette and Mommy Dhadha

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  • tani gd eh…tani invited ta during launching sang wifi sa sm city…hehehe

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  • tani damu pa mga blogging events mag-abot 🙂

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