Meeting My Half-Blood Cousin


Japz, Mum, Camilla, Moi, Dream & Von ZyJapz, Mum, Camilla, Moi, Dream & Von Zy
Last week, I was able to meet, for the first time, my 13-year-old “half-blood” cousin. She’s half Canadian and Half Filipina. Her mother is the younger sister of my mom.

Mum, Camilla and MoiMum, Camilla and Moi
Anyway, it’s also her first time to be here in the Philippine and she came here with our aunt. I’m really glad to meet her and chat with her a little. She told us that she was happy to meet us, too and that we talked about eveything. She even mentioned that I should visit them sometime or try working abroad, maybe I can find some property to rent in york. She told me that her mom would surely help me. I just shrugged because I don’t know what to say.

Japz, Mum, Camilla, Moi & Von ZyJapz, Mum, Camilla, Moi & Von Zy 

It was really funny talking to her as my family and I tried hard to speak sentences in a straight english (lol)

Note: Camilla’s visit was unexpected, so the house was really in a total mess…

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