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lola techie

I’m sure all you know who is Lola Techie, right? Well, for those who don’t, you can see her at the new Bayantel DSL TV commercial. She’s really a 3G, I mean 3rd generation, type of grandma.

I really love to watch her various commercials as she really signifies and portrays the new trend of today, which are surfing the net, using various socialnetworks online (facebook, twitter) and playing online games. But what I love most about the commercial is that the facial expression on her face – she’s really engrossed in what she’s doing just like she really does it in real life.

I really want to know more about her and if she’s really the one updating all her accounts online, I nreally salute her for being such a hip Granny.

Actually, I am now following her on twitter and a fan of her on Facebook – to be updated of all her “gigs”.

Last night, I saw her on Banana Spilt portraying the same role on the TV ad. Is this a new door for her to enter the showbiz world?

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  • So far ok naman ang bayantel, problema nga lang yung frequent na disconnectoin.`.:

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