My Funny Shirts Collection

I’m a big fun of humor, whether on a movie, a TV show, a reading material, or even on a shirt. Whenever I have the time and budget, I always visit the stall of “spoof t-shirts” where I can choose from various humorous designs inspired by movies, t.v shows and politics, among others.

I have “The Lord of Pranings: The Fellowship of Praning”, “Inutel Inside” and “Diet Another Day” funny t-shirts, among others, which some I can’t remember anymore.

Next time, I’ll share some pictures of those shirts here…

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  • Funny shirts are so much fun they really show people that you have a fun personality.

  • i love those shirts, i can’t get enough of the sites that have all the different spoofs, they are hilarious.

  • Cant wait to see some pics of these shirts. Any idea when you’ll post them?

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