Miley Cyrus BJ Pictures?!

I think most of the teens now know who Miley Cyrus is, right? In fact, she had her The Last Song Movie shown this May 2010, and she is also one of the stars in the the Sex and The City 2 2010 movie. You can hear her songs everywhere since most of them are often requested either on a radio or even on television. But hey! What’s this gossip all about?

Is this true?I mean is the miley cyrus bj pic original?or just a product of technology (photoshop)? Why do these people do such crazy things just to create a buzz? Are they going to earn from this?

I’m not really a big fan of her or a critic, I’m just really wondering why these type of perversions are often occurring in the web recently? Is there something about miley cyrus scandal due to her leaked photos?

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  • i always love Hanna Montana because she is funny and she sings very well ::

  • Miley really got her singing talent from Billy Ray Cyrus, no doubt about it..*;

  • Great post. I heard that Miley <3 is going to be in the next Sex and the City movie. She is so crazy hot. Click here to see her sexy pictures.

  • My kids loves Hanna Montana so much that they are addicted to it. Anyway, Miley is a pretty and talented young girl.~,`

  • Miley is a totally outstanding singer. I adore all of her albums.

  • I just love her last song and her cute face

  • Seems Billy Ray Cyrus was more of the driving power behind the invitation for households of US troops to participate in the filming of Hanna Montana, starring Miley. Giving the kids an opportunity to tape greetings to their deployed parents was a pleasant gesture.

  • Miley Cyrus is a charming and talented girl. i think Hanna Montana is the best show for teenage girls.

  • miley cyrus is a promising your actress with a future career in both singing and acting. she is a very talented girl that is why my kids admire her.

  • where did you get the pic? photoshop lang na seguro.. kung video, may posibilidad nga tood. ahehe

  • The photo is real.

    1) EXIF data: (except for the date and size, same as all other photos Miley took)

    Camera: Research In Motion BlackBerry 9000
    Flash: No flash function
    Focus: At 0mm
    Date: April 9, 2009 1:54:32PM
    File: 1,200 × 1,600 JPEG (1.9 megapixels)
    183,381 bytes (0.17 megabytes) Image compression: 97%

    2) Picture taken at that very night on Miley’s Twitter, with EXIF data proving it – http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/6893/mileyy.jpg. Shows her with the same rosy cheeks and the same hairstyle.

    3) The combination diagram, which the Inquisitr, Paparrazzis, and other websites took as evidence for it being a photoshop, was in fact created by a digg.com user to prove that it is real. Her head’s position is a little different than in those two photos, something that cannot be done in photoshop.

    4) The original photo had TrainReq’s watermark. Sound familiar? Same guy who leaked all the other Miley photos from her e-mail account.

    I’m sick and tired of misinformation being spread around. Tabloid websites should hire people who actually do research, and not just jump to conclusions.

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