Don Cornelius Talks About Michael Jackson

The creator and host of the long-time running show, “Soul Train”. Don Cornelius talks about Michael Jackson and how he discovered the latter.
According to him, “I met Michael Jackson at the age of 8, when his father and my new friend, Joe Jackson, first began to bring the Jackson 5 to Chicago, from their home in Gary, Indiana, for concert appearances,” he also added, “The word of the Jackson 5’s devastating abilities as concert artists had already begun to spread like an out-of-control forest fire to the laser-like attention of all Chicago area R&B music stars.

He even mentioned that, “Michael Jackson’s personal crescendo of amazing power as an entertainer was clear and unmistakable, and has never slowed to this very day! His passing will be grieved far beyond that of any other singer, composer, producer, dancer and choreographer in the history of the world. Indeed, in my very firmest personal belief, there will never, ever, be another Michael Jackson!”

No wonder, Michael Jackson will always stay alive to people who values talent so much…

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  • there is no doubt that Michael Jackson is the best ever pop music artist of the Centruy~,:

  • I really miss Michael Jackson. He is truly the greatest pop singer of the century. Farewell king of pop..

  • He will ALWAYS be the kind of pop. No one could EVER replace him. RIP Michael.

  • Just like the rest of the world, I was very sad when he died, he will always be remembered by his music. The world has lost a great artist, and he will be greatly missed.

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