Guimaras Trip and 4th PART Convention

Last Saturday, April 18, my studetns and I have attended the 4th PART Midyear Convention at Guimaras Island, Philippines. We arrived on Friday around 11 in the morning and the first participants actually to arrive.

There, I have met many friends, acquantiances, my former mentors and gained new friends, as well.

On Sunday, before we got home, we managed to get up as early as 6 AM to go on an Island Hopping, then after that, we went to the province’s Capitol and experienced their Manggahan Festival, where it is known for.

Anyway, here are some of our pictures. I’ll just add some more soon.

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  • Great pictures. It looks like you had an amazing adventure. I’m glad you met and gained new friends and had a great time.

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