We’re Going To Cebu!

Field Trip

My 3rd year students and I are now on our way to Cebu City (6-8 hours travel by land) as of “press time”. We are all excited of this trip as aside from attending the one-day PARP Convention, we also have a day or two to roam around the city.

Actually, this is not the first time that I’ll be in Cebu, but that was 2 years ago…Furthermore, this time, I will have the chance to meet my former classmates (but are still my friends) on the convention and have a chitchat to update each other…I’m also planning to find some nice place where we can stay overnight, like a resort with beautiful and comfortable cottages (like those cottages in ireland).

So, I guess, I won’t be around to blog until Sunday or Monday next week…

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  • Sounds like a blast! Have fun out there!

  • How was the CEBU trip mommy? Any pics lined up for posting?

  • Hola, please drop by my blog to get the latest update on the First Commenter Club , thank you and have a great day!


  • Hope you have a great trip. I loved field trips growing up.

  • hi sa’yo! ^_^

    laro tayo ng name game kung may oras ka ^_^

    bisita sa Ang Pumatol


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