The Memorable Trip

I know I should have updated this blog about the Cebu trip as soon as I got back last Monday, but since many inevitable things had happen, I was not able to, but I will make it up by making this Trip update a two-part post.

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To start with, we left Kabankalan at around 4:30 in the morning last March 6, 2009. We tried to take some catnaps during the trip since it was a rough 8-hour ride by land plus the fact that all of my students were not able to sleep well the night before the trip due to excitement since most of them will have their “first time” in Cebu.

Around 11 AM we arrived there, ate our lunch at Ayala Center, took  some rides to find a nice place to stay for 3 nights and 4 days. After we have settled all our things, took a hot shower to relieve the “stress” of a day’s tour, we went out and find some place to have our dinner.

At 8:00 PM I texted my friend, Michel, who happens to be my college classmate, and asked him if we could see each other, have some chitchat and updates.  After some text exchanges, my students and I agreed that we will just visit Medisense, a branch of their clinic where he and Larry, also a  friend and a former classmate, work and temporarily stays for the convention.

Their place is just a few blocks away so after about 5 minutes we were already there. I really missed them and I think, the feeling is mutual (lol). I can tell that they are also glad to see me. I introduced my students to them and they did, too, with some of their co-workers who were also there at that time.

What I didn’t really expect is for my students to immediately get along well with my friends, but they did. It was just like they knew them for already quite sometime. Maybe it’s because they see me in them, a fun-to-be-with person, likes to mumble things, find something funny in every little thing… Anyway, Michel, Larry and my students had some drinking sessions, while I just chitchat ( I don’t drink Red Horse..hehehe)…

At past 12 midnight, Michel suggested that we go to Manggo Square, a disco house, and everybody agreed. But when we were already there, my students secretly told me that they were not “ready for the party” yet since they are all tired from and we need to wake up early in the morning for the convention; so I told Michel and Larry about their dillema. At first they were sort of hesitant to “let me go”, they even told me to sent my students “home” while I enjoy the night with them; but of course I can’t do that, they were my responsibilities, so I explained it to them and then they told us to take care on our way back to the Pension House where we were staying.

I’ll just continue this one on my next post as it seems already too long and may even bore you to death (lol)… so stay tuned please…

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