The Memorable Trip Part 2

As I’ve promised, here’s the 2nd and last part of my updates an our Cebu Trip.

The next day, we attended the Convention On Radiation Protection. There were many participants who came from Davao, Zamboanga and Manila, as well as from Cebu. Some were Radiologists, Physicists, Radiologic Technologists and mostly BSRT students. I will not discuss about the convention but my students and I have learned a lot especially on the updates related to the profession. The event ended at around 5 PM after we took our certificates.

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Afterwhich, we went to the Pension House to take a nap. At around 9PM we went to Medisense (again?!) where Larry and Michel agreed to bring us to some place where we will have our dinner. Then we went to Manggo Square (again), enjoyed the night dancing (it’s my first time to be in a “real” disco house, as well as some of my students). It was fun and memorable since I was with my students and my friends. Since it was a Saturday night, the place was too crowded that we can barely move our butts..hehehe.

Anyway, we went home around 3 in the morning. then at 10am had our breakfast at Jollibee, went to Medisense after that and my students asked Michel to accompany us to the Taoist Temple but since he was waiting for his boss’s call, he politely turned down the invitation. Because there was a change of plan, we decided to visit the Lapu-Lapu Shrine and buy some souvenir items there.

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We ate our lunch at their famous SuToKil (Sugba, Tola and Kilaw) restaurant and then we went home at around 2PM. We then take a nap and at 8 PM we had our dinner at KFC. After that, we once again invade Medisense and bug the people there to accompany us to Manggo Square as some of my students who weren’t able to join us last night.

The plan to go to the disco house was still pushed through Michel, who had a 5AM-flight to Manila the next morning and Larry, who already went back to Bacolod, were not there. We still enjoyed the night but not as fun as the first time. We then went home at around 3 in the morning.

The next day, we went to Ayala Center to have our brunch (breakfast and lunch) at Chowking. Around 1:30 we left Cebu City. We were all worn out and most of us took the liberty to take a nap during the entire 8-hour ride.

It was indeed a memorable trip for me as I happen to meet my close friends whom I haven’t seen for more than 3 years. Seeing them means a lot to me as I was able to relive the happy and unforgettable memories that we have during our college days. A great bonding time with my students is also something I cherished for who knows when we’re going to be this way again. There are other memories that I really cherish during this trip that no words can really describe, so I will just keep it to myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 2-part post and have a gist of what went through during our trip…

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  • @Violet
    I Love to travel kasi…I’m just glad that the school have been sending me to these conventions and seminars…hehehe

    @Mommy R,

    Sarap nga sana mommy, kaso medyo walang lasa…huhuhu

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  • sarap ng work mo… you get to travel and bond with several people ^_^

    be safe ^_^

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