I’ve Got My Birthday Wish!!!

I have mentioned about my birthday wish on my other blog last time; and I’m very happy to have it now, although far from the picture that I have inserted there with the post. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with myself as it is the fruit of my labor from staying up very late until the wee hours of the morning just to blog.

A B-day Wish

Actually, it’s the first gadget that I bought out of the extra earnings I have from blogging. It’s not that much, but at least it’s a hard-earned one…:-)

Now, I’m excited to explore my new “possession”… (forgive me…lol)

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  • That is so great mommy! Congrats!

  • Your first purchase through blogging. Congratulations. It’s a great looking phone.

  • You’ll get satisfied with every hard-earned you’ve made and you should be proud of it 🙂

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