I’m Having A Dilemma…

Lately, I have been thinking about a major decision that I have to make come this summer where I really need to make a choice of whether to continue my work or to left and find a new, which is more likely to be on my chosen field.

I’m talking about my career in teaching where I really believe, supported by my friends, that I am actually being underpaid considering the fact that my role at school is beyond my job description. I don’t want to elaborate further on this but I just want to pour my sentiments on how I am “abused” in my present job.

Multitasking is never a problem to me as long as it will yield favorable results, especially if I get something out of it; but I know when too much is enough. This is the reason why I have decided earlier this year that I’ll just finish my contract (until March 31, 2009) and then that’s it!

Then came March, I already informed my students about my plan and most of them pleaded. Although they are aware of the dilemma that I’m having, the 3rd year asked if I can stay one more year and let them graduate. I told them I have to think it over again and that I need to talk to the school and ask them about my demands.

Actually, I have given them until March 31 to give me a positive result of what I have asked from them; earlier today, I have learned that it’s all still “blurry”. I think I’ll give them this whole week to work things out between us and then I have to make up my mind.

My dilemma is that I want to stay for the sake of my students because I want to see them graduate (they are the first batch and they will graduate next year) though it will mean that I have to sacrifice one more year while on the other hand, I’m really itching to leave and practice my profession in the clinical setting (perform x-rays and other radiological procedures), where responsibilities are not that great as compared to teaching plus I’ll be well compensated.

If you’re thinking that I’ll find it hard to find another job during this time, I’m glad to announce that it’s not the case for me, for licensed Radiologic Technologist, that is. It’s like finding jobs at Jobs East Anglia.

Anyway, I just hope that  God will enlighten my mind and help me make a sound and right decision, which can make a big difference in my life. Honestly, if not for the students, I’ll be leaving tomorrow…

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  • Hi there.Got nothing else to say but just a simple Keep in Touch I think will do.:))

  • Just follow what you think is right,but always think of the advantages and disadvantages in making your decision.

  • Making choices like this is always hard – I find it easiest to make a list of pros and cons, and see which one wins overall in the end. You can do it!

  • I really can’t make up my mind on this… If I want to follow my heart, I guess I’ll be staying for my student’s sake…

    Maybe I’ll just wait for what tomorrow may bring… (sigh)

  • It’s hard to give you advice on this because really, you have to follow your heart. You really have to do what you feel will work best for you.

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