Mind-Bugging Things

I have been into “mind-bugging” things since time immemorial; meaning I am interested in topics, games and other stuffs that will allow my logic to work. I don’t claim to be a genius in cross-word puzzles but I definitely know where I stand.

Anyway, speaking of “mind-bugging” things, I have a collection (actually my sister’s collection) of crime and detective-related English Pocketbooks authored by David Baldacci, Lisa Gardner and Linda Howard among others. What I like with these authors are their way of presenting crime-related stories, which is realistic, and how their main characters manage to solve the crime.

Actually, it’s not that simple. Most of their stories include a psychopath who creates havoc to the place and to the people who live in that particular place by committing a crime and leaving the authorities with some enigmatic clues that needs an “above-average”, if not excellent, logic to decipher.

Unraveling those hints is what makes me really interested with the story. I can’t help myself thinking and guessing for the possible felon. And guess what?! Most of the time, I ended giving up.

I don’t really know why my sister and I feel the need to decipher things and sometimes, tend to over rationalize them (LOL). We also both love to interpret other people’s reactions/behaviors, we secretly interpret other people’s manner of speaking/talking, their way of writing, their gestures, their way of dressing and their facial expressions when talking, among others. We discussed/argue with our findings, but most of the time, we agree with our so called ‘results” and we find ways to validate them. Hehehe I am glad we usually hit the “jackpot”….

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