I’m Going Home…

Going Home
Yes, tomorrow I’ll be gong home to visit my mom and help her with the preliminaries for her eye operation. She had a car accident last year and her left eye suffered the most. Actually, the lens was dislocated (subluxated) and her doctor strongly advised her to undergo the operation for lens replacement as soon as possible or else the worst may happen (and I don’t want to think about it).

Anyway, I hope that in a matter of two days that I’ll be staying there, (I’ll be coming back soon for I still have my class on Monday) I’m just hoping that I will be more productive and be more helpful to her during my quick stay. As a matter of fact, if only I can ask for a leave from school, I really want to stay with her until the operation is through. But since I can’t, due to some reasons, I’ll just do what I can.

Just help me pray for the success, please…

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  • oo, sa Iloilo City,. mommy

  • Hello Mommy! Ask ko lang, you mean “home” is Iloilo??

  • Thank you… It’s so nice of you…:-)

  • I will be praying for your success. Have a great trip back home.

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