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I have mentioned in my previous post that my sister and I are into “mind-bugging” things. Now, here’s another “hobby” that I’d like to share with you. Are you familiar with the TV Series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)? Have you watched it? If you do, then probably, you can relate to things that I’ll be talking out here. If not, then, I’m sure you’re already curious about it (it’s like an ABS-CBN show every Thursday night, SOCO, but with more detailed scenes of solving a crime considering their technology)…I hope so…

So there are different locations of this series like CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and CSI: Las Vegas; and among them, I’m a number one fan of CSI: Las Vegas, especially of Gil Grissom (my sister likes Sara Sidle). Honestly, I haven’t watched any of these series or episodes on television; it’s just that my friend casually mentioned that she loves to watch CSI: Las Vegas.

Without further inquiry, I immediately bought a dvd copy of it from seasons 1-6 (that’s 5 dvd tapes). I was excited to watch it, so I really took time; and can you imaging that I consumed almost 24 hours for the first dvd tape (season 1)?! Yes, it’s really true! FYI, one season is more or less 25-28 episodes, approximately 45 minutes each episode. It’s my first time to do a movie marathon…

In short, I spent sleepless nights just watching this “thing”. My husband had been telling me to let the TV and the player rest for a while, but I can’t tell my self that, I’m already addicted to it. Being curious, he tried to watch it, several weeks after I’m through, and gosh! I arrived home at 9 PM from work and he hasn’t cooked yet! I know you can already guess why, right? (He’s into it also…hehehe)

I also introduced it to my sister and she ended just like me and my husband… I know I can’t blame them…Been There, Done That….

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  • Thank you for the good post. I really love this tv show. Can’t wait for the another season ! Keep up the awesome work with that 🙂

  • @Brenna, I have watched CSI Vegas from Seasons 1 – 5 and they are all excellent! I’m really into it that’s why I am planning to buy the next seasons when they are available already.

    I’ve read that Grissom will leave on Season 10 together with Sara…

  • Well, CSI is a good television show but I am not really into it. I am more of a PC addict than TV. But of course, I do watch occasional movies. My husband and I love watching movies and so as David our son.

  • Heroes is more on the supernatural side, they have inhumane powers due to the adrenal glands so these people have really cool powers like electricity, speed, flight, and all that. But there are two sides of them, the good and the bad. So it’s really cool because the whole plot doesn’t seem unrealistic at all, like it may actually be possible. On the other hand, CSI is also cool because they have hardcore investigation. I just beat myself up every time I try to solve one of their mysteries. I keep trying, but I guess you really need to have great skills for that. If you’re into mysteries and thrillers and all that, you can try NYPD Blue, Law and Order or 24. I’m not sure if Las Vegas is going well apart from the first 2 seasons, but I hear the last seasons was also good. =)

  • I think CSI is pretty cool. I especially like Las Vegas and I am now watching Miami. Have you tried Heroes though? That show, has me hanging. Great plot, love Milo Ventimiglia. =)

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